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Here We Come Washington DC!

Great news!  The Surly Dragon team will be presenting two panels at AwesomeCon DC 2015.

Saturday-May 30th – Join us for our panel @ 11:00 AM, Virtual Gaming Technology 101

Sunday-May 31st – Join us for our panel @ 10:30 AM, Virtual Gaming Technology Live!

More news to follow!

Wait! Let Me Make a Dwarven Government Roll!

It’s not every adventure where you get to not only invent a new skill check, but also have a college degree to grant you a bonus in said check.

New Site Graphics and Header

As you might have noticed, there’s a slightly new look to the site.  I’ve added a new title graphic and moved the header around just a bit to adjust to the new banner.  I’ve been working on some new graphics in anticipation of AwesomeCon 2015 and decided to go ahead and built a few into the site.  You have to admit, the title does look a little more “dragony” now.

Let me know what you think!

He Was a Sandinista

Forward goes our adventure… deeper into the dungeons but still no sign of dragons.  Semi-false advertising.

Friggin’ Demon Gorillas

Just when you thought it was safe to hang out in a temple full of skulls and dead dwarfs… whamm-o!  Gorillas from hell show up.

Girl Power!

Happy International Women’s Day, especially to all the girl gamers out there breaking the stereotype of gamers all being boy geeks.

Magical Fluids

Our heroes thwart evil and the dreaded Communist Conspiracy to rob everyone of the their precious fluids. Sorta.

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