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He Was a Sandinista

Forward goes our adventure… deeper into the dungeons but still no sign of dragons. ¬†Semi-false advertising.

Friggin’ Demon Gorillas

Just when you thought it was safe to hang out in a temple full of skulls and dead dwarfs… whamm-o! ¬†Gorillas from hell show up.

Girl Power!

Happy International Women’s Day, especially to all the girl gamers out there breaking the stereotype of gamers all being boy geeks.

Magical Fluids

Our heroes thwart evil and the dreaded Communist Conspiracy to rob everyone of the their precious fluids. Sorta.

There Was Ice Cream Down the Hall?

What’s the more important quest… finding a Frostbrand Sword or finding ice cream? If our heroes are lucky they may find the sword making ice cream for them and there’ll be free toppings and everything. Sprinkles FTW.

Minor Tactical Error

Sometimes a “silence” spell for players would be useful.


The Deck of Many (Mean) Things

Here’s the first incarnation of a new feature on the site. I don’t have a clever name for it yet, but it’s a panel strip featuring our heroes as Lego warriors… and some of their woes.

Who hasn’t run into this scenario? Players can’t resist the temptation that is the Deck of Many Things!


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