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What is WotC Thinking With These Prices?

How on Earth did Wizards think an MSRP of $49.95 for each of their core rule books was a good idea? D&D Next hasn’t even really been established as a decent system and folks aren’t going to drop $150 on the big three to try something new. The free basic download doesn’t really help. Sigh.

Going Off The Beaten Path

by Gabriel Casazzone

Superheros, like Dungeon Masters, come from all walks of life. Some are born, others are made, and some, simply rise to the occasion. Whether they are natural story tellers, taught themselves how to play, or it is just their turn to run the game; these people are those who sit behind the screen and sustain this epic game of fantasy and imagination. They, like superheros, have the world(s) at their fingertips, and in the wise words of Uncle Ben, “with great power, comes great responsibility.”


Spammers Are Stupid

So I actually have an excuse for a lack of content on the site.  No it isn’t the 6 podcasts I haven’t posted or the article I’ve not edited.  After a WordPress update, the site got bombarded with spammers.  I needed to take some time to address that on the back end.  Fortunately, I’ve installed a new version of WordPress and so far the spam is down.


On a funnier note, I often get spam messages about how to increase my web traffic.  A recent Japanese spammer sent me this:

You can increase traffic to you web sites by 3000 visits each day by use this amazing and dangerous internet searching tool.

Amazing and Dangerous?

I’m tempted to respond to it… just in case it’s like an internet bomb or something fun.  “You don’t like my web site? Internet bomb comin’ at ya!”


One can dream.

The Firefly World According to Kaylee

Monty & Jewel Staite

Monty & Jewel Staite


OK, with that out of the way… here we go.

At Awesome Con 2014, I had the wonderful fortune to chat with Jewel Staite AKA Kaylee from Firefly/Serenity.  I would like to pretend that when I talked to her I was calm cool and collected, but I’m pretty sure I was a full on spaz.  Regardless, she was very sweet.

The first thing I noticed about her was her height.  I had no idea how tall she was, but never imagined her at 5’10.  She wasn’t.  She pointed out her 5 inch heels when I made a comment like, “Wow. Tall.” or something equally unimpressive.  She doesn’t look as much like Kaylee these days as I thought.  Apparently they made her put on about 25 lbs for the part and she’s naturally more slender.  Her voice is unmistakable, though, and hearing her say, “Aw, thanks sweetie” was pretty awesome.

The second time I talked to her, I managed to actually put together a sentence… or a question rather.  I asked her, “So… Simon.  Mr. Right or Mr. Right now?”  She laughed.  She then told me how she would write Serenity 2 and the futures of the cast.  These are her words as best as I can recall:

Hypothetically speaking only. River and Zoe really hit it off, fall in love, and decide to form their own renegade girls-who-kick-ass space team and leave the rest of us in the dust. Mal realizes he’s more destroyed over Wash’s death than he ever thought, breaks down, and spends the rest of his days wearing Hawaiian shirts and drinking booze out of the engine.  Simon and Kaylee have a set of genius triplets and turn the ship into a cocker spaniel search-and-rescue with “crazy Grandpa Mal” still at the helm cradling toy dinosaurs and talking about “This Land”.   Inara finally realizes the potential in Jayne as a male companion, loans him a toga, and takes him back to the training house where they become King and Companion Queen… that would be my sequel!

I have to admit, it wasn’t what I was expecting her to say at all.

Next, Ron Glass gives me home work.

Coming Soon! I Mean It!

OK, I’ve gotten behind on posts from Awesome Con and podcasts.  Sorry everyone!

Here’s a teaser to look forward to…

Conversations with Ron Glass and Jewel Staite about Firefly (SPOILERS ABOUND if you haven’t seen Serenity!)  including Jewel’s vision of Kaylee’s “Mr. Right” and Ron’s prolific hair.

Conversations with Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche (Pinky and the Brain amongst many, many other voices) including Orson Welles losing it and why cocaine and the Simpsons don’t mix.  (BTW:  LaMarche gave me my new favorite saying, “From the depths of your great ignorance, what do you want?”)

A discussion with Carey Elwes and what it’s like to go drinking with Andre the Giant.

And much, much more…

Oh Please No, Mr. Frodo! A Chat With Sean Astin

Sean Astin & Monty

Sean Astin & Monty

While attending Awesome Con 2014 in Washington DC, I had the fortunate experience to have some one on one time with Sean Astin… probably better known as Samwise from the Lord of the Rings series. (If you said Rudy or the kid from Goonies, you’re also right, but at the wrong convention.) My first time meeting with him was for a picture and not much time to chat, but I did get a fun little experience because of my proximity to the front of the line. People had begun queuing for his photo op about an hour early. I had a VIP pass so I got to cut in line… not really fair to the world, but I wasn’t going to turn down the opportunity to have front-of-the-line access for all events, etc. So I was probably 5th in line behind some other VIPs and Sam… er… Sean was running late. As I would find later, Mr. Astin is very generous with his time and will talk energetically on many topics. He was signing autographs and chatting elsewhere. We waited, and waited. Finally someone went to fetch him.


Big Week for Content: Reports from Awesome Con, Podcasts and More!

Lot’s to post this week. More Operation: “Stab It!” podcasts, reflections and stories from Awesome Con, and a few surprises.

Tomorrow look forward to my discussion with Sean Astin about differences in Hobbits as seen by different directors/authors and the actor’s fears about accepting the role.

The Return of the Podcast

An admission of DM failure at technology and being down one player does not distract (much) from the further delving of our fearless (sorta) gang.

Podcasts Are Returning

It’s been a while since I’ve had an update to the site and wanted to let folks know that the Operation: “Stab It!” podcasts will be returning this week. I’ve got 5 raw sessions to “polish” and post. The main reason for the delay was a screw up (mine) that led to 3 hours of sessions with no DM vocal track.

Hopefully after this, we’ll be back on to publishing these more regularly.

Thanks for your patience.

Keeping it Real

an article by Gabriel Casazzone

The original table top role playing game, Dungeons and Dragons, has captured the susceptible minds of the creative, the imaginative and the dreamers, since the 1970′s. This world wide phenomena has for generations, had parents suspiciously watch their children don their cloaks to slunk off to the basement, dice, paper and pencil in hand. This disease has been spread as if in the very air to all, giving no mercy. All walks of life have come to sit down for a game, most likely nervous, or up for a good laugh, to leave 6 hours later, shake the Cheetos off their now wrinkled shirt, wipe the grime out of their eyes and quickly ask, “so, this time again next week!?” This new affliction has spread at a lethal rate, darting from youth to youth, and as statistics state, has even been passed down from the infected spouses to their offspring. As the game has grown, more and more have been called to the roleplaying service, which has caused many concerned friends and family to wonder, “Why?”


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