Tales From the Luddite – So It Begins

Editor’s Note: Please welcome to The Surly Dragon our latest contributor In addition to being a featured regular on the Operation: “Stab It!” podcast, Mat will also be part of the panel team at AwesomeCon 2015 in Washington DC on May 30th. Enjoy the first installment of what we expect to be a regular series on the site! -Monty

Written by for the Surly Dragon: 11-6-2014

Ok, so let me start off by laying the groundwork of this blog.  I am not a tech savvy guy.  I know enough to get myself into trouble with my computer, but I need to tap into my network of friends to help get me out of trouble.  I mean hell’s bell’s I work in the employee benefits field…ask me about health insurance and I can go on for hours…ask me about “Java”, I think coffee!  It is actually pretty funny to sit online talking with the other folks in our gaming group (all of whom are in the computer field in some way or another) and hear them talking about some project they are working on for work and hearing the “wanh, wanh” Charlie Brown adults talking sound because what they are saying is so far over my head that my eyes just glaze over.


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