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A New Face In the Gallery

In honor of going over 200 likes on Facebook, we’ve got a new mascot.   I think we’ll have a contest to name the dragon.

It’s a Big Day at the Dragon

First… we’re over the 200 mark in likes on Facebook.  Many thanks to all who have done so.


Secondly… if you’re wondering why random cooking questions have shown up on the twitter feed it was because I was attending Alton Brown’s Edible Inevitable show in DC.  AND Surlydragon got a major boon by being mentioned by Brown and shown on his big screen when answering my question.


Gamers like food badly.

A Semi-Non-Commitment-Possibility… thing

I’ve been tinkering around with and it’s entirely possible that we’ll be moving to that format for the weekly Operation:”Stab It!” episodes. There are some logistics to work out but I’ve built a channel and am testing it. If you have an opinion on vs. iTunes, I’m all ears.

Spammers Are Stupid

So I actually have an excuse for a lack of content on the site.  No it isn’t the 6 podcasts I haven’t posted or the article I’ve not edited.  After a WordPress update, the site got bombarded with spammers.  I needed to take some time to address that on the back end.  Fortunately, I’ve installed a new version of WordPress and so far the spam is down.


On a funnier note, I often get spam messages about how to increase my web traffic.  A recent Japanese spammer sent me this:

You can increase traffic to you web sites by 3000 visits each day by use this amazing and dangerous internet searching tool.

Amazing and Dangerous?

I’m tempted to respond to it… just in case it’s like an internet bomb or something fun.  “You don’t like my web site? Internet bomb comin’ at ya!”


One can dream.

Coming Soon! I Mean It!

OK, I’ve gotten behind on posts from Awesome Con and podcasts.  Sorry everyone!

Here’s a teaser to look forward to…

Conversations with Ron Glass and Jewel Staite about Firefly (SPOILERS ABOUND if you haven’t seen Serenity!)  including Jewel’s vision of Kaylee’s “Mr. Right” and Ron’s prolific hair.

Conversations with Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche (Pinky and the Brain amongst many, many other voices) including Orson Welles losing it and why cocaine and the Simpsons don’t mix.  (BTW:  LaMarche gave me my new favorite saying, “From the depths of your great ignorance, what do you want?”)

A discussion with Carey Elwes and what it’s like to go drinking with Andre the Giant.

And much, much more…

Big Week for Content: Reports from Awesome Con, Podcasts and More!

Lot’s to post this week. More Operation: “Stab It!” podcasts, reflections and stories from Awesome Con, and a few surprises.

Tomorrow look forward to my discussion with Sean Astin about differences in Hobbits as seen by different directors/authors and the actor’s fears about accepting the role.

Podcasts Are Returning

It’s been a while since I’ve had an update to the site and wanted to let folks know that the Operation: “Stab It!” podcasts will be returning this week. I’ve got 5 raw sessions to “polish” and post. The main reason for the delay was a screw up (mine) that led to 3 hours of sessions with no DM vocal track.

Hopefully after this, we’ll be back on to publishing these more regularly.

Thanks for your patience.

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