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Here We Come Washington DC!

Great news!  The Surly Dragon team will be presenting two panels at AwesomeCon DC 2015.

Saturday-May 30th – Join us for our panel @ 11:00 AM, Virtual Gaming Technology 101

Sunday-May 31st – Join us for our panel @ 10:30 AM, Virtual Gaming Technology Live!

More news to follow!

The Surly Dragon at AwesomeCon DC 2015?

We hope so!  We’ve sent in our pitch and with fortune we’ll be presenting a panel and running a pickup session.  Our panel will be on using cheap (or better, FREE!) technology to improve your gaming experiences.  We’ll cover table top improvements, online play, and social media options that can help your group go digital-deadly.

We are going to also record a podcast there and inet access permitting, do a live event online as well.

If you want to see this panel happen, send an e-mail to the folks at the Con and demand to see The Surly Dragon team!

Going Off The Beaten Path

by Gabriel Casazzone

Superheros, like Dungeon Masters, come from all walks of life. Some are born, others are made, and some, simply rise to the occasion. Whether they are natural story tellers, taught themselves how to play, or it is just their turn to run the game; these people are those who sit behind the screen and sustain this epic game of fantasy and imagination. They, like superheros, have the world(s) at their fingertips, and in the wise words of Uncle Ben, “with great power, comes great responsibility.”


Keeping it Real

an article by Gabriel Casazzone

The original table top role playing game, Dungeons and Dragons, has captured the susceptible minds of the creative, the imaginative and the dreamers, since the 1970’s. This world wide phenomena has for generations, had parents suspiciously watch their children don their cloaks to slunk off to the basement, dice, paper and pencil in hand. This disease has been spread as if in the very air to all, giving no mercy. All walks of life have come to sit down for a game, most likely nervous, or up for a good laugh, to leave 6 hours later, shake the Cheetos off their now wrinkled shirt, wipe the grime out of their eyes and quickly ask, “so, this time again next week!?” This new affliction has spread at a lethal rate, darting from youth to youth, and as statistics state, has even been passed down from the infected spouses to their offspring. As the game has grown, more and more have been called to the roleplaying service, which has caused many concerned friends and family to wonder, “Why?”


Live and Let Die (Live?)

Adventuring is a risky job. The rewards can be great, but so too are the dangers. Is it an assumption amongst all players that the only end game that exists is death? Do they ever plan to retire? Can they have enough wealth, land, followers, wenches, wenchers, undead hordes? Do thieves’ guilds have 401(k)s?

No. But they should.


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