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The Podcast Continues: Delicate Application of Deadly Force

It’s been a while so here it is in all it’s long winded poetry. I didn’t put on the intro since this is the 2nd half of a 2 parter. Or I forgot until after it was rendered.

The Podcast Enters… the Danger Zone!

Another Teaser: Archer + Wizard + Flying Carpet = Danger Zone

The Egg of the Phoenix – So It Begins

After a brief intermission, the group reforms and makes some minor modifications including moving to a new game system, changing a character and adding a new intro to the podcast. Tally-ho!

To Prevent Corpsification of a Fellow Elf

The job of a cleric is never done… except when the whole party dies.  In the meantime, it’s up to Goldor to collect the body parts in color coded baggies for decorpsification.


The dungeons and dragons campaign is derailed by an all-important visit to the dictionary. (If player does not appear, you can download it directly.)

Here We Come Washington DC!

Great news!  The Surly Dragon team will be presenting two panels at AwesomeCon DC 2015.

Saturday-May 30th – Join us for our panel @ 11:00 AM, Virtual Gaming Technology 101

Sunday-May 31st – Join us for our panel @ 10:30 AM, Virtual Gaming Technology Live!

More news to follow!

Wait! Let Me Make a Dwarven Government Roll!

It’s not every adventure where you get to not only invent a new skill check, but also have a college degree to grant you a bonus in said check.

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