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He Was a Sandinista

Forward goes our adventure… deeper into the dungeons but still no sign of dragons.  Semi-false advertising.

Friggin’ Demon Gorillas

Just when you thought it was safe to hang out in a temple full of skulls and dead dwarfs… whamm-o!  Gorillas from hell show up.

Magical Fluids

Our heroes thwart evil and the dreaded Communist Conspiracy to rob everyone of the their precious fluids. Sorta.

There Was Ice Cream Down the Hall?

What’s the more important quest… finding a Frostbrand Sword or finding ice cream? If our heroes are lucky they may find the sword making ice cream for them and there’ll be free toppings and everything. Sprinkles FTW.

Your Sword Is Now King of the Dretches

The group continues its crawl toward killing the evil Viscarus but runs afoul of one of his wives and 20 or so of her boyfriends.

There’s a Booming Microphone at the Door

Part two of our double podcast, Cyber-Monday special. Aren’t you (still) lucky?

Protection From Evil (aka Your Charmed Fighter)

Part one of our double podcast, Cyber-Monday special. Aren’t you lucky?

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