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Oh Please No, Mr. Frodo! A Chat With Sean Astin

Sean Astin & Monty

Sean Astin & Monty

While attending Awesome Con 2014 in Washington DC, I had the fortunate experience to have some one on one time with Sean Astin… probably better known as Samwise from the Lord of the Rings series. (If you said Rudy or the kid from Goonies, you’re also right, but at the wrong convention.) My first time meeting with him was for a picture and not much time to chat, but I did get a fun little experience because of my proximity to the front of the line. People had begun queuing for his photo op about an hour early. I had a VIP pass so I got to cut in line… not really fair to the world, but I wasn’t going to turn down the opportunity to have front-of-the-line access for all events, etc. So I was probably 5th in line behind some other VIPs and Sam… er… Sean was running late. As I would find later, Mr. Astin is very generous with his time and will talk energetically on many topics. He was signing autographs and chatting elsewhere. We waited, and waited. Finally someone went to fetch him.


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