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There Was Ice Cream Down the Hall?

What’s the more important quest… finding a Frostbrand Sword or finding ice cream? If our heroes are lucky they may find the sword making ice cream for them and there’ll be free toppings and everything. Sprinkles FTW.

The Concept of Sad Cows

The concept of sad cows and their bells is kinda freaky.  So waxes poetically the fighter upon the inclusion of cow bells in the adventure.

I Turn My Nose Up at This Disgust!

Those are the immortal words of Heinricht Ivyguard about the lack of podcasts on the site.  We’ll here ya go!  It’s a post-Halloween miracle!

A New Teaser Intro for the Podcast

Well, we didn’t get all dressed up for nuthin! (The embedded version below is better viewed in full screen mode.)

The Return of the Podcast

An admission of DM failure at technology and being down one player does not distract (much) from the further delving of our fearless (sorta) gang.

Everything Falls Apart… Completely : Fear and Loathing in Vermögen pt III of III

This is what happens when your fighter has too much to drink.

This is the evidence (though edited) of the complete implosion of Operation: “Stab it”!”

Dividing the Loot: Fear and Loathing in Vermögen pt II of III

The podcast gets a fancy new intro to go with all the fancy new gear the gang sorts through. (Also, Real Dolls, let’s talk advertising!)

[Adult Language and Themes]

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