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Magical Fluids

Our heroes thwart evil and the dreaded Communist Conspiracy to rob everyone of the their precious fluids. Sorta.

There Was Ice Cream Down the Hall?

What’s the more important quest… finding a Frostbrand Sword or finding ice cream? If our heroes are lucky they may find the sword making ice cream for them and there’ll be free toppings and everything. Sprinkles FTW.

I Turn My Nose Up at This Disgust!

Those are the immortal words of Heinricht Ivyguard about the lack of podcasts on the site.  We’ll here ya go!  It’s a post-Halloween miracle!

Dividing the Loot: Fear and Loathing in Vermögen pt II of III

The podcast gets a fancy new intro to go with all the fancy new gear the gang sorts through. (Also, Real Dolls, let’s talk advertising!)

[Adult Language and Themes]

Goldor’s Tale: Fear and Loathing in Vermögen pt I of III

Our gang of regulars are expanded by one as Goldor recaps months and months of sessions for a player who has been out of action. Don’t let the mundane beginning fool you, the session devolves in madness over time… complete madness.

This podcast features a great summing up of all the action to this point for those who are interested in what happened prior to the start of the series recordings.

[Adult Language and Themes]

The Break Out: In the Middle pt II of II (1/31/14)

Well,  I think we’ll get straight on with it.  The party is back from the potty and ready to put the smack down on some dark elf fools.

[Adult Language and Themes]

And So We Begin… In the Middle pt I of II (1/31/14)

This podcast picks up our adventurers mid-crawl as they’ve just found out that dopplegangers are running amuck in the fair city.  Can our brave heroes save the day?  Can our DM keep things focused for five minutes?  Only time will tell!

[Adult Language and Themes]

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