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About Us

Dungeons and Dragons is a game as old as dirt… really, really old dirt. It’s amazing that a game has thrived across so many generations and continues to thrive to this day. Versions may come and go, and new companies will run the ship aground on occasion, but the things that really keeps the ship sailing is the players themselves. There is no great ruleset, map, model, or class that makes Dungeons and Dragons work. It is the collective imaginations of the players (and Dungeon Masters) that creates game sessions that we still talk about decades later. The folks at Surly Dragon have been playing this game since they could read. Collectively, they have over a century of gaming experience. (Think about that for a second… it makes us old.) The purpose of the Surly Dragon is three-fold:

  • I – The help foster interest in the game by sharing tales of past and present experiences with Dungeons and Dragons.
  • II – To educate players with tips, tricks, and technology to help them with their current games.
  • III – To create a sense of community for players using this site and other social media sites to further grow the “hobby” (because let’s face it… it’s not just a game).

At the end of the day, it is hoped that folks find the site equally entertaining and useful.